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By V. Jeyakumar Sastri, B.A., Vedic Astrologer


Matching of horoscopes play a vital role in the pursuit for marriage. This is the first stage to decide the compatibility between a girl and a boy. Mere comparison will bring only dissatisfaction and create non-faith among the public with the astrologer, as everyone is in need of fulfillment of Wealth, Welfare and Longevity throughout their post-marital status and family way of life. While making matching of horoscopes for matrimonial alliances, there should be some methodology in broad Concepts in order to make effective good match-making by astrologers.


Normally, all astrologers will follow the principles of match-making like Kuta-agreement, Dosha-samyas, Dasa-Sandhis, etc. Apart from these, an eminent astrologer should also analyse the horoscopes in specific detail about the aspects of I)Wealth, II)Welfare and III)Longevity of the couples and their progeny. These are the most important Concepts which needed to be analysed effectively to make the married life happy with full sastisfaction.

I. Wealth:

Yajur Veda Manthra proclaims that JUPITER is the prime planet for Wealth”

Brihaspathe Athi Adharyo Aruhath Dwimad Dwipadi Kratumath Janeshu:
yaddeetha yatsavasrcha(f) praja thadhasmasur dravinam dehi chitram

Shree sooktham” emphasizes that prayer to Goddess Lakshmi would take away Daridhra(non-availability of materials) and give Wealth:

Kshupipasamalam jestam alakshmeer nasayamham; Abhoothim asamruddhim-cha sarvan-nirnu dhame Gruhath”.

As per Vedic astrology, JUPITER is the auspicious planet, which gives strength to the native to possess or earn wealth. In fact, Jupiter is the Karaka for Dhana, Putra and Kama fulfillments. Venus is Kalatra-karaka and it speaks about the Boga-bogyas within four walls. If these two planets are well disposed and the Jeevana-Sthana is found good the family will get sufficient finance for the living.

An astrologer should therefore concentrate on the basic living conditions of the life-partners on the above lines, in order to determine about ownership of shelter, financial status and children. The life-partners should have good yoga bhavas and their lords are well disposed, otherwise they will have adverse influence, and there will be difference of opinion among them, and the future of the family may result in jeopardy or cause concern due to delay in decision making among them.

II. Welfare:

Aruna Prasnam(Surya Namaskaram) says that prayer to SUN God bringsforth welfare and healthy life.

Punarmamaith Indriyam, Punar-Brahamana maithuma, Punar-Dravina maithuma ……………………….…”

which denotes that SUN God provide strength to Indriyas in their body to properly function for Arogya of a person.

That means, SUN and MOON, the Karaka for ‘Atma’ and ‘Mana’ should be well disposed and should be without affliction in the horoscopes. As SUN is Atma-Karaka, it speaks about the soul in the body.

Besides, astrologer should also analyse whether the marrying life-partners will have healthy children without any physical deficiency by birth and their future prospects.

It is therefore essential to assess the strength of SUN and MOON in the horoscopes and predict the probable Welfare, Healthy living, Physical and Mental well-being and adjustability of life partners.

III. Longevity:

Yajur Veda describes….

Shreevarchasya-mayushya-marogyamaveedhas, sobhamanam maheyathe! Dhaanyam, Dhanam, Bahu-putra labham, Sadha-samvathsaram Dheergamayuhu!!

Prayer to any Deity will confer on the worshipper, Wealth, Poorna-Ayus(for one hundred years), Energy for good health, Food-grains, Animals and Children and eradicate the evils of Debt, Ill-health, Poverty, Hungry, untimely Death, Fear, Worries and un-wanted Thoughts.

It is SATURN, who is Karaka for Ayus or longevity of life-span. If Saturn is well disposed in the horoscopes of life-partners and the Ayur-bhava is without malefic influence, they will definitely have a lasting married life. For this, astrologer should calculate the Dasa-Bhukthis after marriage and satisfy about the span of longevity of male and female. There should be no compromise on this aspect.

To know about begetting children, the 5th and 9th Bhavas in RAASI Charts of both Male and Female horoscopes as well as the Sapthamsa of the respective RAASIS should be examined thoroughly. Besides, the strength of JUPITER should be estimated in the horoscopes.

There is a possibility of loss of children at early ages due to malefic planets influencing adversely in female horoscopes causing short-life of children. There may be obstacles blocking at conceiving stage itself causing issuless after marriage. It is therefore inevitable and suggest remedial measures to over come these type of specific problems. Remedial measures may be required in two stages: one for Dosha-removal to take away evil-influences for the 5th and 9th Bhavas and another for getting issues. In some cases, there may be pre-mature birth of children and this may cause physical deficiency in them. In some other cases, the longevity of the children after birth is shortened because of malefic influences of Nodes in some houses for which remedial measures are very much necessary as prescribed in Classical Granthas, SHANTHI RATHNAKARA or SANTHI KUSUMAKARA..


These three broad Concepts, if properly valued and its influence visualized with utmost care, it is certain to produce stable married life with happiness. While matching horoscopes, astrologers should also analyse the Divisional Charts to assess, if the RAASI and NAVAMSAS are indicating insufficient or adverse effects about the properties stated above. Let’s hope for the better future for one and all, and astrologers should value the horoscopes for betterment and prosperity of the marrying couple.

V. Jeyakumar Sastri



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